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Door-to-door auto shipping is the current trend in the car shipping industry for good reason. Terminals are inefficient, and cars can sit in terminals for days or weeks while drivers wait for full loads. Then even after your car has arrived, getting to a terminal to pick up your vehicle can be time consuming and a real hassle . Plus, terminals tend to be located far from downtown areas, so simply getting there can incur extra expenses.

Door-to-door auto transport is the option for anyone who wants to pay a little extra for the convenience of having their car delivered right to their door. Our experienced drivers will meet you at a specific time, unload your vehicle, and go over everything with you to make sure your vehicle arrives in the same condition it was shipped.

Please note that not all residential areas provide a sufficient space to safely or legally unload vehicles, but our door-to-door car service drivers are experienced and responsible, and they're sure to accommodate you in any situation.

Read what clients think about Shipaa

Florene B. Berends


I was worried about using an open carrier because the appearance of my car is super important for my work. But I was short on cash and this was my only option. Car turned up in perfect condition and on time.

Deborah D. Graham


I was pretty stressed when I found out I had to move short notice for work. I was especially worried about the cost of shipping my car at the last minute. But I came across Shipaa and their services were affordable and guaranteed. In the end I really didn't have to expend any energy stressing about my car. I simply received notifications as my car made its way over, and then it arrived as promised. Will use again!

Ray E. Watkins


I've been burned in the past by car shipping companies. I send classic cars all around the country, so always need to use an enclosed trailer. For some reason, in my experience those enclosed rigs often turn up late. I just gave Shipaa a try sending my original Stingray across the country. Got a notification and it turned up exactly when I wanted it. Going to use these guys again!

It's simple

“Door to Door” delivery is the most popular request from our customers. There’s no need for you to change your schedule, postpone anything, or miss any big events at your children’s school. We will take care of everything.

Terminals are not required

If you think that delivery from one terminal to another is faster, you are mistaken. Upon delivery to the terminal, your car can remain there for several weeks while the driver waits for a full load.

Cheap and effective

Terminal to terminal delivery will be more expensive, and some routes may not be available. It is much easier to get your favorite car delivered directly to your door than to drive across the entire city.

On-site check

Trust, but check. Upon “Door to Door” delivery, you will be able to personally verify whether all the rules for loading and unloading your car were followed. The driver will also provide you with a report on the spot.

What else is great about open transport?

Direct payment

We have streamlined EVERYTHING, even the payment system, saving you time and money.

Extra baggage

You can put a suitcase or a box of personal items (up to 100 pounds) in the trunk of the car at no extra charge. The driver has the right to check the trunk. We aren’t against security, are we?

Personal service

Meet the carrier driver face to face, shake hands, and even take part in the loading or unloading process.

For families

Families traveling throughout the country will be able to use our transportation service for several vehicles at a discount. We will monitor the transportation of your cars from loading to delivery. In addition, every vehicle will arrive at the same time.

Up to date

Never be caught off guard when you use Shipaa. We provide automatic updates, an impressive GPS system, and a dedicated team of consultants ready to assist.

“Smart” price

Our calculator will present a price based on all the factors you choose. Whether it's delivery time, place or day.

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