New to Boat Hauling? The Complete Guide on Taking the Roadway for your Boat.

Updated at: 06.16.2021
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Author: MarySharp

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Safety is key when it comes to boats shipping. Unlike shipping cars, boats shipping have many factors to keep in mind. Boats are large which results in an expensive transportation bill. Customers need to make bookings according to their timeline and the company’s sailing schedule. Boat hauling can be stressful. But using a reputable company will provide transparency. Good companies make sure to provide a worthy service from quotes to boat delivery. This will give customers a sense of confidence and reassurance about the company’s service. The location and distance from the pickup are crucial. Boats are transported to domestic and international destinations. Here we are going to discuss how to transport a boat.

Boat owners need to understand their shipping needs and budget. Also, customers need to inform the transport company if the boats will be on their trailer or the carrier’s trailer. The timeline for pickup and delivery also needs to be confirmed. The right boat’s measurements and weight are essential. Boat hauling companies can be approached for quotes according to your boat. With quotes from various companies, the customer can choose a reliable boat shipping company. Customers can contact the company to discuss details, concerns and ask questions. Also, customers are required to look into the carrier’s transport history, safety regulations and customer reviews. Carriers also provide information and photos of their equipment. This will help the customers to feel confident for boat shipping.

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    How much does shipping boats cost?

    The size of the boat and the distance from the point of pickup to the delivery destination affects the shipping cost. Size is a huge factor that affects the shipping price. The width and height of the boat are measured for quotes. For boats with a more considerable height, the cost is marked higher. The mode of transportation can vary from road, sea and more. This will also affect the price. The cost of short distance can range from $150 to $350. And long distance boat hauling is about $600 to $1000. These charges can be varied depending on the boat and the location.

    What are the size limitations for boats?

    Size limitations for boats vary to each state. Generally, the width is limited to 12’ to 14’. And the average heights are 10’. Bigger boats can also be shipped, but they encounter additional costs.

    How to measure the boats?

    Boat owners need to provide accurate measurements for safe shipping. The length of the boat is measured from the bow’s tip to the stern’s centre. This must include motor brackets, swim platforms, length of the motors and bow platform of the boat. The boat’s height is measured the keel to the highest part of the boat. This excludes the removable section of the boat. The beam is measured across the widest part of the boat including the rub-rail. These measurements need to be within the size limitations. The boat’s weight is also important. The manufacturers will provide information on the weight of the boat. Also, boats can be weighed when they are being hauled out as the machines have built-in scales.

    How is the estimate calculated?

    The boat shipping estimate process includes three phases. First, the customer submits the boat information and receives an estimate quote from the shipping company. The customer is required to provide accurate weights and measurements. Then, the contract is signed by the client. The transport company will require up to a week for the load and secure schedule licenses. The shipping company will inspect the boat. If there are discrepancies in the measurements, the contract and costs are altered. The changes need to be confirmed by the customer and the company.

    Can a shipping delivery be shared?

    Yes. Sharing shipping is an economical and ecological way for shipping multiple boats. Two boats shipped on one trailer is possible. Usually, this is uncommon, but it is possible. But the boat sizes need to be small and similar. This type of delivery is called connecting loads. For these type of shipping, each client has to pay a deposit for shipping confirmation.

    Are the boats insured during shipping?

    Long distance boat shipping has cargo coverage. Customers should read the shipping company’s policy. And also the boat owners can invest in their insurance. Clients must review their boat insurance policy before transporting their boat.

    How to prepare for a boat shipping?

    There are a few preparations required for the boat shipping. This is to secure items and take preventive measures for any possible damage. Remove valuable things from the inside the boat. Clean the boat’s exteriors to look for any existing damages. Also, it is recommended to have the boat inspected by a registered marine survey official.

    Clients must choose a loading spot with a 14 feet clearance. The loose gears above and below the deck must be secured. All the hatches must be secured, closed and sealed to avoid water damages. The cabin’s windows need to be closed and taped from outside the cabin. All the fuel and water from the boat must be drained. The drain plugs must be unplugged. The boat’s batteries must be displaced. Also, the cables need to be secured away from the battery.

    How to internationally ship your boat?

    Internationally shipping boats include legal and customs documents that need to be looked into before shipping a boat overseas. Contact the foreign country’s embassy about the required documentation. By being prepared, clients will save stress and time. Also, prepare the boat for shipping that will help against engine and interior damage. The boats can also be wrapped to keep them safe and clean. Make sure to be comfortable with the carrier for boats. Customers deserve the right to ask questions and feel comfortable. Also, ask the carriers questions about shipping internationally. The best carriers will have decades of experience in shipping and customer service. These companies will be able to assist and advise the clients on the best way to ship the boat overseas. There are a few options for international shipping boats. Namely, Roll-on/roll-off, enclosed container, flat rack, and submersion.

    Roll-on/roll-off are popularly known as RO/RO. In this way of boat shipping, the boat stays on a trailer owned by the client or the carrier. This is the most common way for boat shipping internationally. Boat owners are required to remove antennas, radar towers, and booms, to have a small boat. This will considerably decrease the cost of shipping your boat.

    An enclosed container is a large shipping carrier. This is ideal for bigger boats. These services are cheaper than RO/RO. The height limit is the same as the trailer height. Clients should ask carriers about different containers according to their boat.

    The flat rack is also used for shipping oversized boats. The boats are shipped in a cradle suited for each boat, strapped and secured into the rack. Clients should remove the bridges and arches on the boats. Removing these additions will reduce the weight of the boat. In return, this will decrease the cost of shipping. Another option for boat hauling is submersion where the boat is loaded and unloaded from the water.

    Customers should always make sure to be comfortable with their shipping company. Beware of transport scams and educate themselves to prevent bad experiences. Check the company’s license and registration before paying a deposit or signing a contract. Also read the contract thoroughly. Ship your boat to wherever you want to go.

    Mary Sharp

    Mary is a 30 years old freelance writer for more than 10 years now, and she's been writing in many fields, but mostly she wrote for a local journal on a daily basis for more than 5 years. Now she's a great expert in the transportation and logistics field in the most progressive shipping company in the USA "Shipaa". Follow her to find out a lot of great details about the transportation field, tips and tricks that will help everyone who wants to have a great experience using shipping services.

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